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Homeowners can save thousands of dollars by switching to solar power. Cost of solar panel systems have fallen significantly in the last 5 years and now installing solar panels can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. 

✅ $0 Down 
✅ Low Monthly Payments 
✅ Production Guaranteed
✅ In House Installation (No 3rd Parties)
✅$1000 Up-Front Sign-On Rebate
✅ +$1500 Rebate At Completion
✅  Locally Owned in San Antonio Since 2016

We will discuss your home, energy needs, future goals, and any concerns about solar you may have in a quick interview process. We’ll evaluate a few designs, verify the most advantageous way to go solar, and a consultant will explain solar options with you at your home for free.

Typically, our clients appreciate our recommendation of purchasing solar equipment, receiving the IRS Tax Credit, and moving to a Time of Use Rate Schedule where you bank electricity credits by day and buy cheap energy by night.

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At Soleil Energy Solutions we pride ourselves on doing what’s best for our clients here at home in San Antonio. With Soleil, your system production is guaranteed – we will pay you DOUBLE the difference if you don’t get the results we say you will.

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